The Team of Talented Local Sewers Creating Handmade Face Masks

The Team of Talented Local Sewers Creating Handmade Face Masks

This past month, the World Health Organization has recommended that the general public use cloth mask coverings in public spaces, and many essential businesses have made it a requirement to wear a covering as well. With cloth masks becoming a necessity to help provide safety in reducing face touching and droplet transmissions, Inspire Ecoware wanted to create a way to produce cloth face masks for the public and also donate to communities in need

In Orange County, California where Inspire Ecoware is based, we recognized that a community at high risk for exposure were the homeless. We are working to continuously donate hundreds of masks for local family homeless shelters, most recently the Orange County Rescue Mission

To make our goal of offering face masks for sale to the general public and help provide a much needed item to Orange County’s homeless communities, we sought out to employ talented local sewers. These sewers not only put in meticulous care into their creations, but share our passion in helping these communities at high risk for exposure. Meet the team behind our handcrafted face masks:

Meet Cynthia, who began sewing three years ago to pursue her passion for creating and designing her own clothes. She is a self-taught sewer, and finds joy and stress relief when creating and sewing:

“I take pride in what I do! I love helping my community in any way I can. Making masks for others means so much to me because not only am I helping others but also giving back which feels great. During these hard times the best thing I can do is think about others. I know that these masks will make people feel cared about. Everyone should feel important and safe, no matter the circumstances.“

Meet Clelia who began sewing twenty five years ago in her home country of El Salvador. Sewing has become a big part of her life. During the past couple of months she began creating masks for her family and loved ones, and now is working with Inspire Ecoware to create our 100% cotton handmade masks to help even more people stay safe during these uncertain times.

Meet Josie who began sewing in elementary school when she would sew clothes for her dolls. Later on in college, she continued her passion for sewing by creating costumes for theatrical productions. Josie finds sewing very therapeutic, and takes pride in being able to use her sewing skills to create face masks for people during this time.

Meet Taralyn, who began sewing five years ago when she discovered her hobby of repurposing thrifted and vintage clothing. This has led to her experimenting in designing her own clothes and even making custom patterns. Handcrafting her personal wardrobe gives her personal confidence and security in her identity. Taralyn has been working with Inspire Ecoware to use her passion and skills to create our handmade face masks:

“I never thought that sewing would be as essential of a service as it is right now. For years, my craft has been regarded by friends and family as a hobby or project, so it feels really good that something I already love can actually support my community and help in its protection/rebuild. 

Everyone's life matters. Unfortunately, oftentimes the homeless communities are the last to be considered, but the first ones affected. So many people in our homeless populations are exactly like us. Many of us are all one misfortune away from being in the exact same position. Even though it's hard to financially donate at times, being able to do what I love and still show support is very rewarding. Many of them are at such a high-risk every day and if one of us goes unprotected, we are all at risk! This project really helps close the gap, and supports us all on the road to recovery from this crisis.”

The whole team at Inspire Ecoware thanks our loyal customers for your support in being able to help employ local and talented sewers during this time but also in helping our mission to provide donated face masks to Orange County homeless communities. You can browse our designs and learn more about our face masks here.

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