Inspireecoware™ Premium Heating Lunchbox


Introducing The Inspireecoware, a portable electric heating lunchbox that allows you to conveniently heat your food at home or on-the-go. 

DITCH THE MICROWAVE and start warming your food a healthier way anywhere, anytime! 

At Inspireecoware, our customers are our first priority. If you purchase a Premium Heating Lunchbox and are not satisfied for any reason, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Made from food grade stainless steel, The Electric Lunchbox is 100% safe for all types of food stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean. Simply wash it in the sink!

Portable & Lightweight

Just like your ordinary lunch box, The Electric Lunchbox is portable and lightweight, making it ideal for traveling, throwing it in your backpack, or carrying it by hand.


This self-heating lunchbox boasts a minimalistic, portable rectangular design with a leak proof lock mechanism that allows you to carry and enjoy warm food wherever you go. Great for work, school, picnic, camping, or travel. Enjoy hot food everywhere!

After food is prepared place into the Electric Lunchbox

When ready to eat, close the lid and secure latches. Be sure to open steam vents to allow steam to escape then plug the Electric Lunchbox into your desired electrical source. 

Once food is heated enjoy your meal! 


  • The duration to heat food depends on factors such as how much food is in the Electric Lunchbox.
  • We always recommend that you power your Electric Lunchbox a half hour prior to eating to allow the regulated heating feature to warm food to the perfect temperature. 
  • Heating time depends on the amount of food and the indoor temperature.
  • When the food is taken straight from the fridge the heating time should be extended.
  • The exhaust lid must be opened before heating to prevent  steam pressure to build inside the lunch box 

The Electric Lunchbox is easy to take apart and hand wash.

Be sure to close the outlet cover before washing. 

1x  The Electric Heating Lunch Box
1x  Heat-Safe Spoon
1x  Electrical Cord
1 x Instruction Manual